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What we do

Our Legal Solutions

Whether your company needs practical in-house-style legal support for a few hours a week or throughout a project, a meticulously drafted contract or policy, or a variety of corporate and commercial law services, we’re here to support you in a manner that best fits your needs. We believe in transparency, especially when it comes to pricing — after all, companies are consumers too.

Freelance General Counsel Services

We offer bespoke General Counsel-style services for medium to large-sized businesses seeking assistance in commercial or corporate law.

Fixed Fee Document Preparation

We firmly believe that businesses of all sizes should have access to high-quality, customised agreements and policies at affordable prices.

Commercial & Corporate Law

We understand that a company’s legal needs are many and varied. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, navigating the legal landscape can be complex.

Who We Help

Our Main Clients

Agriculture Business Lawyer

We Help:


Agribusinesses operate in a rapidly evolving commercial and regulatory landscape full of new opportunities and unique legal challenges.

Here, we understand these challenges and offer bespoke legal services to help agribusinesses manage their legal obligations and risks effectively.

We Help:

Food Supply Chain

In the fast-paced and highly regulated food industry, legal challenges can arise at any moment. For food processors, manufacturers and other players in the supply chain performing critical roles in getting food from farm to plate, Abledale Law is here to help.

We provide tailored legal services to help businesses in the food supply chain navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring compliance and protecting your interests.

We Help:

Service Businesses

Navigating the unique legal challenges of service businesses requires specialised attention and expertise. Our services cover essential areas such as contract and policy drafting and review, governance, risk compliance and intellectual property protection. 

Whether you’re a startup or an established service provider, our focus is on supporting your success, mitigating risks and enabling you to concentrate on delivering exceptional services to your clients.


March 2023
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I engaged the services of Jacinta to facilitate the sale of my business . I can’t recommend her highly enough!!! Jacinta went above and beyond, communicating with me every step of the way. As I had never been through this process before, Jacinta helped me understand all the legal jargon which made the whole process so much easier.
October 2022
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We are happy with the way [our terms of business for services] reads, it’s simple yet effective… Thanks again for your time and knowledge in this process, I appreciate it.
March 2023
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Jacinta helped us navigate our first experience with the commercial leasing process recently. She was highly knowledgeable, very responsive and helped us feel comfortable with the unfamiliar aspects of the negotiations. It really helped make it a low stress and successful experience.
September 2022
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Jacinta’s experience and very personable service represents great value for money and a very worthwhile investment.
April 2023
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Jacinta made the whole thing easy. She got to know the situation and desired outcome through a thorough and yet painless discovery process. She kept me informed on options and next steps. I couldn't be happier with the way she operates, her knowledge and of course, the final result. 'Above and beyond' is a phrase that comes to mind. I can't recommend Jacinta highly enough.
May 2024
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I also wanted to express our utmost gratitude for your work, assistance, guidance, patience during the process. Thank you so much for working with us and helping us to understand the legal maze in a simple way.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Abledale Law

Our point of difference is that we’re easy to work with as well as being experienced and well credentialed.  

We are also upfront about our pricing.  We believe in maintaining transparency, particularly in our fee structure. After all, in the realm of business, companies, just like individual consumers, deserve to have clear expectations when it comes to costs.

Our standard office hours run from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. However, we understand the varying needs of our clients, so we are open to scheduling meetings outside these hours when necessary. For optimal convenience and efficiency, we predominantly conduct client meetings via Microsoft Teams.

If an in-person meeting is preferred or required, we’re flexible: you can meet us at our easily accessible Ipswich office, your own business premises, or another location that works best for both parties.

Client testimonials are available for viewing on our homepage. In line with the Queensland Law Society Guidance, all testimonials have been de-identified for confidentiality and are displayed with the express consent of our valued clients.

Abledale Law proudly opened for business in August 2022.

Freelance General Counsel, fractional General Counsel, virtual Legal Counsel, whatever the title, what you get is access to a lawyer experienced at working within businesses, to help you address your company’s day to day legal needs, and beyond that, proactively assist you to identify, prioritise and action steps to take your business forward.