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Our Fees

Fixed Fee Document Preparation


Don’t delay – get started today! In the menu bar above, under for Clients, you’ll find our Intake Forms.  The forms are grouped by category, and we’ve included the category in the service name (e.g. COMMERCIAL, EMPLOYMENT).  

Before we get to work, we will perform a conflict and availability check, and will then provide a costs/client agreement to you for your review or contact you to discuss your matter further.

Typically, we turn these documents around between a day and a week from engagement.

What services are covered in the fixed rate?

What is out of scope?

Extensive conversations and redrafting outside of the scope above, any work after the completion of the scope above, such as discussions, correspondence, reviewing amendments (for example, should the other party request changes) or actions (like registering a change of owner of a trademark with IP Australia) will be charged at $450/hr plus GST ($495) in 6 minute intervals. We may discuss fixed fees or fee caps with you once it is apparent that further work will be required.

Where outlays or disbursements may arise, we will let you know. These amounts are not included in the fixed rate.

Price List

Freelance General Counsel


Services to be delivered will be tailored to your needs.  This service is offered in 16 hour blocks to be used within a 4 week window in a way we agree (and is subject to internal procedures including conflict and availability checks). For example:

Price List

Hourly Rate


For general commercial and corporate law services, our hourly rate is $450 plus GST ($495), charged in 6 minute increments. We are open to discussing fixed and capped fees.  

We will conduct our internal procedures (including conflict and availability checks) and discuss these services and relevant timeframes with you before producing a client/costs agreement for your review.

Price List