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4 things to know about unfair terms in supply contracts

Our last blogs looked at commercial and operational terms of supply contracts.  This time we will focus on unfair terms and what to keep an eye out for as a business, whether using your standard form supply contract (for goods or services) or reviewing one presented by the other party. Amendments to the Australian Consumer […]

4 Key Commercial and Operational Considerations in a Supply Agreement

Whether you need labels for your produce or a key ingredient for your secret sauce, you will be dealing with suppliers.  In our last blog, we gave you pointers on key contractual risks to keep front of mind when contracting with suppliers.  In this follow-up, we will focus on four key commercial and operational terms: […]

4 Key Contractual Risks in a Supply Agreement

You can’t do business alone.  Whether you need packaging for your produce or a key ingredient for your hand cream, you will be dealing with suppliers.  While it’s best practice to use your own well drafted agreement, that won’t always fly, particularly with your bigger suppliers.  It’s crucial to review supply agreements carefully to ensure […]

4 actions to start the New Year right

After Christmas, it’s time to embrace that New Year’s energy. The New Year is an opportune time for businesses to set their legal affairs in order and proactively address potential challenges. Whether you’re a small startup or a well-established corporation, here are four actions businesses should consider to start the New Year right and invest […]

4 key categories of business records

In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of corporate record keeping from a legal perspective and provided tips to help you maintain accurate and reliable records. In this follow-up, we’ll delve into the types of records that companies should keep across four key categories: Governance, Legal, Risk, and Compliance. Proper record keeping is a […]

4 tips for corporate record keeping

Proper corporate record keeping is essential for businesses of all sizes. It not only helps you stay organised in order to make informed and timely business decisions, but also plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with legal requirements and protecting your business in case of audits or legal disputes. In this blog, we’ll explore […]

4 tips for basic ASIC compliance

Is your small business a company? Are you aware of ASIC (one of your company’s key regulators) and your company’s basic obligations to stay registered? Here’s a quick overview. 1. Keep details up to date You will need to update ASIC of changes affecting your company such as: These notifications to ASIC are typically due […]

4 key times to call a business lawyer

Legal support is important for businesses. Not sure when to ask for help? The answer is when you need it, but here’s a note on some of the key times businesses should use a lawyer and how your lawyer can help.  1. Starting up There’s a lot to think about when starting a business. Here’s […]

4 tips to get going in governance

Governance isn’t just for listed entities.  It is important for companies of all sizes.  Not sure where to start?  We’re here to help.  1. Start It will (nearly) always be better to do something rather than nothing.  Regularly set aside some time to focus on governance.  Heres’ some questions to get you started: 2. Build […]

4 key risks in agritourism

We love getting out to our local agritourism ventures – we are spoilt for choice with so many amazing enterprises in South East Queensland. But like any venture, entry into agritourism isn’t something to be taken lightly. Take the time to work through the risks (including legal, operational, reputational) and how you’ll manage them. 1. […]

4 quick tips for your side hustle

Social media feeds full of side hustle ideas? Have you set aside your evenings to get your side hustle off the ground? Don’t forget to take stock of the risks involved. Here’s a few things to think about. 1. Don’t forget your day job Don’t get caught out – check your contract of employment and relevant policies […]

4 quick tips for starting your business

This month (August 2023) we celebrated a year in business. It’s not easy getting a business off the ground and we learnt a thing or two along the way. Here are some of our key learnings. 1. Ask for help Most business people wear multiple hats.  The smaller the business, the more hats you wear.  […]